Welcome to Pursify!

Your number one source for Women's purses, handbags, wallets, and accessories! All made from genuine leather and upcycled canvas & rug. Pursify is proudly family owned and operated. It is located in the small town of Redmond, Oregon.

The 5 W's of Pursify

What is this?

>> A Purse Shop. It's like having a place to get all the accessories you could possibly need.

Why is this?

>> Because everyone likes purses... and you definitely don't have the ability to make your own. Who does??

When is this?

>> Today. But also, forever.

How is this?

>> Um, basically there is a computer that people connect to with their computer and that computer has a list of our inventory. For a better explanation of the internet check here.

Who is this?

>> A team of like minded women who found a gap in the women's accessories ecommerce space.

Where is this?

>> That's a stupid question. We'll pretend you asked a smart one. We have easily accessible support both over the internet and over the phone. We can be reached via text, call, email, mail, and pigeon.

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